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Translation Is an Art

When the translation of legal, business, commercial or accounting documents is involved, where every word is critical and can be of substantial financial value, the translation must faithfully reflect the original and make use of the appropriate professional jargon, be clear and unambiguous, be precise and well drafted.


The translation of such documents is complex and necessitates substantial professional know-how, together with finely tuned language skills.

In the international business community, "amusing" mistakes are taken very seriously and can cause costly and even irreparable damage, not only to your image but also to your pocket.

With Word Power Ltd you can rest assured that your translation has been meticulously prepared by bilingual lawyers, experienced in drafting original documentation of the same type.

Word Power believes that translation is an art.  Given brush and paint, anyone can paint a picture but only a skilled artist, who is fully at home with his materials and subject matter, with proper training and years of practical experience, can create a work of art.


About Us

Word Power Ltd was established in 1982 by two British lawyers, Stuart Elgrod and Stanley Rudnick. Since Stuart's untimely death, Stanley has been the sole owner and CEO of the company.

Stanley Rudnick gained the degree of LLB (Hons) from the University of Warwick in England back in 1972.

In 1975 he was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales and worked in private practice in Liverpool until he moved to Israel in 1981.

After passing the Israel Bar exams, until being admitted as an Israeli advocate in 1982, he worked as an intern with the highly reputed international law firm of Herzog, Fox & Neeman.

In the many years since Word Power's establishment in 1982 it has become an integral part of the Israeli legal and business community and enjoys a nationwide reputation for integrity, reliability and quality.

Word Power's regular clients include some of Israel's largest international law firms, the major banks and a significant number of the country's leading commercial and industrial companies.

Why Work with

Word Power

Since its foundation in 1982 Word Power Ltd has paid strict attention to several guiding principles that have firmly established it as one of Israel's leading companies in its particular sphere:

•    Concentration on defined specialties: we believe that when we do what we are best at, then we really are the best! That is why we made a strategic decision long ago to keep to the areas in which we excel: law, business, commerce and accounting


•    Concentration on Hebrew and English in order to ensure top quality

•    Commitment to excellence

•    A small, top-quality company, giving personal attention to every client

•    The confidentiality of our client's material is paramount

•    Courteous service and sensitivity to the client's needs

•    Speed and efficiency, and strict compliance with our client's deadlines

•    Reliability, honesty and integrity


Our Translators

Word Power's most important and valuable resource is the calibre of our personnel. We can assure you that our translators:

•    Are an elite group – we prefer quality to quantity

•    Are professionals who specialise in translation

•    Are highly experienced

•    Have signed confidentiality

agreements in respect of your material

•    Have generally worked with Word Power for many years

•    Treat your translation work seriously


our personnel
are the key to your success



Over the years we have gathered together an elite group of bilingual lawyers and other experts, who form the core of our translators.

The quality and expertise of Word Power's personnel are second to none. As a small company, rather than a faceless pool, we can assure consistency.

Word Power submits top-quality translations to its clients, thereby saving them time and money. Our translations, which of course still need to be approved by the person who commissioned them, save our client valuable time in having to laboriously correct less than perfect material.

As experts we appreciate the limits of our knowledge and therefore never accept work that goes beyond the sphere of our expertise.

All the aforegoing is reflected in Word Power's prices, which are slightly higher than those of ordinary translation companies.

Your words signify who you are and when it comes to translation, penny-pinching can seriously harm your image (and pocket). Our loyal clients know that our price is well justified.


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Telephone: 052-2562349

Email: office@wordpower.co.il